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Company formed in 2001 by specialists in electronics, computing, mechanics and metallurgy.

Leaders in the market for Computer Vision Systems for the mining and industrial sectors.


Heap Leach Monitoring

This is a new Artificial Vision System that consists in a set of cameras installed at a height, they observe the Leach Battery pad and determine, in real time and automatically, the quality and distribution of irrigation of the leaching heap. This system fulfills the function of monitoring the leaching modules distributed along the battery.

The goal of this new technology is to improve the recovery of copper by measuring moisture on the surface of the batteries. They are identified and measured by:

  • dry areas
  • wet areas
  • overcrowded áreas

This technology´s value directly impacts on:

  • Removing the risk of accidents with people above the batteries
  • Inserts the humidity variable on batteries level. This new variable can be related to the recovery variable when achieved new results of operations. 

The new process has the following characteritics:

  • Measures, day and night and online, the quality and distribution of batteries watering for each of the modules of leaching, this process is made through the measurement of soil moisture estimated by the change of its temperature and color characteristics.
  • Generates a map with the quality of irrigation to all leaching modules, including pool or damming rates.
  • Sets an alarm system that notifies automatic critical conditions such as: appearance of high pressure leak in the leaching modules, excessive amounts or insufficient watering solution on the surface.
  • Creates historical trends graphics of irrigations quality for the batteries.