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Computer Vision

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Company formed in 2001 by specialists in electronics, computing, mechanics and metallurgy.

Leaders in the market for Computer Vision Systems for the mining and industrial sectors.

Computer Vision

Aplik’s computer vision department is dedicated to the design of vision systems using digital cameras, image processing and analysis. Images can be created from multiple source:  visible light, infrared thermography, ultrasound, x-rays or magnetic resonance. Frequently, the objective of image analysis is to emulate human interpretative capacity, but with greater speed and reliability.

Aplik has developed computer vision systems mainly for the mining and medical sectors.

Aplik has made a Cathode Vision System, “CSQA”, which has been installed in three of BHP Billiton’s operations:  Cerro Colorado, Escondida and Spence. These systems inspect copper cathodes on-line, at a high speed, measuring physical features that determine quality.

The systems have been successfully installed on both ISA and Kidd Process cathode stripping machines in electrowinning plants. There is a third model that can be installed off-line which automatically classifies and sorts cathode bundles.

Another development for the mining industry is an online vision system to check the quality of the edge strips on the permanent stainless steel cathodes used in copper electrowinning plants. This application has been successfully installed in Minera Spence.

In medicine, Aplik has developed a dental instrument, “ONRIS”, which helps dentists find the best combination of reconstructive resins in order restore anterior teeth so that they have optical characteristics that are similar to the remaining real teeth. This instrument has been tested by several institutions and professionals.