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Conveyor Belt Vision

Company formed in 2001 by specialists in electronics, computing, mechanics and metallurgy.

Leaders in the market for Computer Vision Systems for the mining and industrial sectors.

Conveyor Belt Vision

The crushed mineral conveyor belts are subject to many failures that threaten their lifespan at all times. One of the biggest problems today is the embedding of rocks in the belt, when they fall from the feeder. These incrusted rocks often cause the cutting of the belt without warning, causing major problems for the maintenance teams, involving heavy losses of time and money on repairs and reducing their productivity.

There are also other problems that threaten life and availability of belts, such as surface wear, splices failure, incrusted rocks and holes, among others.

Technical Description of Conveyor Belt Vision (PDF: 500 KB) (in spanish)

Today there are monitors systems that aim to predict the early cut of conveyor belts, but these predictions often have a time delay, reducing their effectiveness.

Aplik developed a system to detect as quickly as possible the presence of a physical change, surface defects, incrusted rocks or cracks in the conveyor belt that may cause an imminent cut, through computer vision. This system also allows statistical analysis of data obtained with image processing, to determine abnormal changes that may cause future cuts.