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Viña del Mar, 2530900, Chile
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Company formed in 2001 by specialists in electronics, computing, mechanics and metallurgy.

Leaders in the market for Computer Vision Systems for the mining and industrial sectors.


We are doing 12 years of hard work and perhaps our best experience has materialized in the last 3. We decided to become world-class suppliers for mining cluster organized by BHP Billiton. It has now been incorporated and Corfo Codelco.

In a strategic decision, Aplik decided to be part of a great industry of service providers, solutions, technologies and products associated with mining.We want to help make Chile a leading exporter in a Latin American and global levels that can be sustained by itself. Our experience participating in the BHP Billiton Cluster Program is very positive, certainly we have grown in our ability to approach work and the opportunity to be leaders in innovation.

In our view key factors has been incorporated for the development of innovations, including:

a) Prioritization of customer challenges by mining clients. This is where the customer expresses clearly what processes are required to achieve higher productivity and competitiveness.

b) Continued support from customer to supplier to make the leap, value creating solutions for mining and starting a World Class Path (WCP) that allows to reach global markets for their products.

c) The Task Force and Internal Coordination mining allows a provider to continually meet their assessment, correct, improve and move forward.

We believe that it has been created a space for innovation as never before in our country and is enhancing capabilities of companies like ours.

So, we have been able to increase our projects, including: