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Company formed in 2001 by specialists in electronics, computing, mechanics and metallurgy.

Leaders in the market for Computer Vision Systems for the mining and industrial sectors.

Market Strategy

Aplik was founded in 2000 as company dedicated to Technological Innovation, conscious of the Productivity problem faced by our clients in the mining sector. During these fifteen years of Innovation, Aplik has proposed projects that impact the productivity of the mining industry.

With more than thirty projects in innovation and ten invention patents, Aplik has striven to reach high Productivity levels with clients, but this has been more difficult than originally considered. There are many factor that have limited the growth of the company as well as the Productivity of our mining clients.

We wish to share some reflections that we believe would help our proposals contribute more effectively to the change in mining productivity.

One of our focuses is providing instruments that can capture data that can help our clients make timely decisions. We believe that this is very important for impacting Productivity issues.

We do this permanently by presenting our mining clients Innovation projects for the measurement and storage of data. This is done by making compilations of the technologies available worldwide, track their evolution, check for competitors, identify the impact that technological changes can have in mining activities, study new innovation strategies, identify possible technological partnerships, find strategic partners, design research and development strategies, evaluate emerging technologies, seek financing for projects, and protect developments though an intellectual property policy that includes patents.

Our Innovation projects have shown to be successful when led by small teams where upper tier management has delegated responsibilities to superintendents, supervisors and operators. In 2013, the Heap Leach Monitoring technology was given the highest recognition in the HSEC Awards for Safety through BHP Billiton’s Minera Spence.

We are convinced that as a part of a new culture, indispensable in mining, there should be
long term commercial policies between mining clients and providers of innovations that allow both parties to work to continuously to increase productivity and not depend on the current state of the industry.

Lower ore grades, the high cost of energy, and lack of personnel with experience make the relation between Productivity and Innovation is indispensable. We are convinced of this in Aplik.