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Company formed in 2001 by specialists in electronics, computing, mechanics and metallurgy.

Leaders in the market for Computer Vision Systems for the mining and industrial sectors.



After many time in the  laboratory and research, Aplik has acomplished the development of the Detector for Cuts on Conveyor Belts Instrument, an artificial vision device which continuously evaluates the status of a belt that transports particulate material. Quantifies the degree of attrition of the belt, detects holes and cracks on its surface, and predicts critical conditions that can cause a failure.


The Detector for Cuts on Conveyor Belts Instrument made ​​the following measurements:

Measurement of width and length: continuously get the width and length of the belt, this data is stored and used as indicators of belt attrition.

Cutting Measurement: the instrument measures the size and position of the cuts produced in the surface of the conveyor belt and generates an alarm to stop the operation if necessary.

Measuring misalignment: the instrument measures the transverse misalignment of the conveyor belt and generates an alarm when that disruption jeopardizes the functioning of the belt.

Cutting Prediction: Based on the record of measurements, the instrument performs a predictive analysis to determine the positions along the belt where there is a risk of cutting and the probability that the cut occurs. This prediction is made ​ in advance, to allow maintenance crews perform the necessary preventive actions.