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Viña del Mar, 2530900, Chile
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Company formed in 2001 by specialists in electronics, computing, mechanics and metallurgy.

Leaders in the market for Computer Vision Systems for the mining and industrial sectors.


Thermography allows you to see and measure thermal characteristics of objects that otherwise would b... [→]
Aplik has expertise in embedded systems development for a wide range of scales and applications. Em... [→]
Our company designs, designs and manufactures tailor-made equipment that uses laser marking technolo... [→]
The data mining technologies involve data acquisition, modeling and processing in order to extract u... [→]
Traceability enables a better understanding of the production process by capturing information from ... [→]
Aplik provides control systems engineering services for integrating new technologies into existing p... [→]
Robotics and advanced mechanics systems improve production processes by increasing speed and effecti... [→]
Aplik’s computer vision department is dedicated to the design of vision systems using digital ... [→]


Among other innovation companies, Aplik presented in the “Workshop: Suppliers of technologies for Conveyor Belts”, organized by Expande and CODELCO Technology and Innovation Corporate Management, last Thursday January 18 in Fundación Chile. In the workshop … [→]


Monday April 27th, 2015

Aplik developed a “Rock-Breaker Condition Monitoring System” that increases its availability for breaking down oversized rocks in gyratory and cone crushers. This project began as part of BHP-Billiton’s “World-Class Supplier Program” for Pampa Norte’s Spence … [→]

Friday January 31st, 2014

The product packaging process that Aplik is implementing since last July, ends on March. This process consists in looking forward to international markets, especially with its product, “Heap Leach Monitoring System” which was awarded the Safety … [→]

Tuesday December 31st, 2013

Aplik was featured in CNN Chile for the worldwide recognition in BHPBilliton’s “HSEC Awards” for their product “Heap Leach Monitoring System”, a product that eliminates the risk of exposure to hazardous substances or ground faults on … [→]

Our Vision

Being a global leader for products, innovation and high impact and value services, related with Computer Vision, Automatic Control and Robotics. In those fields we achieve exceptional solutions recognized by our clients, specially in the mining industry.