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Embedded Systems

Company formed in 2001 by specialists in electronics, computing, mechanics and metallurgy.

Leaders in the market for Computer Vision Systems for the mining and industrial sectors.

Embedded Systems

Aplik has expertise in embedded systems development for a wide range of scales and applications.

Embedded systems are computer devices integrated into a larger system, becoming an inseparable part of a product.

Embedded systems have diverse functionalities, sizes and capacities: from small systems of low computational power and storage (automotive integrated computers) going through medium capacity systems for specialized functions (navigation system in planes or satellites) up to big high-performance systems (machine vision for industrial or military applications).

Medium and portable systems

Onris – an instrument made by Aplik for the measurement of teeth color – consists in a portable system for the medical industry, with the following characteristics:

  • Calibrated, RGB+UV image acquisition,
  • Image processing and storage,
  • Integrated screen with graphical touch oriented user interface,
  • Battery powered.

Industrial image processing system

Nave is an Aplik image sensor designed specifically for Electrowinning plants for the tracking of copper cathodes.  It has the following characteristics:

  • Image acquisition with integrated camera,
  • Small size,
  • Industrial design (IP-65 protection),
  • Integrated image processing (multiple datamatrix detection and decoding),
  • Communication of processing results via ethernet network.

Small highly integrated online data capture systems

Aplik’s “Nodo”  is a data capture device desiged for structural condition monitoring of  industrial machines (i.e. rock-crushers) with the following characteristics:

  • Real-time acquisition of 13 data channels with rates up to 1500 samples per second,
  • Data transmission via RS-485 protocol,
  • Integrated in 30x50mm size,
  • Data channels for measurement of strain-gage, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature.

Big data-processing systems

“Controlador Aplik” is a copper cathode classification system, developed around an industrial high-performance computing platform for image processing applications, with the following characteristics:

  • Designed for installation in industrial cabinets,
  • High performance computing (4 cores, 3GHz, with OpenCL support),
  • Up to 6 gigabit ethernet interfaces – 6Gbps,
  • Multiple camera image capture via GiGE Vision protocol,
  • Ethernet connectivity with industrial plant control equipment (DCS, PLC),
  • No moving parts (passive cooling),
  • Integrated, read-only-memory operating system, inmune to data storage corruption,
  • Remote access maintenance, data access and software updates.