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Viña del Mar, 2530900, Chile
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Company formed in 2001 by specialists in electronics, computing, mechanics and metallurgy.

Leaders in the market for Computer Vision Systems for the mining and industrial sectors.


Aplik currently invests a significant portion of its revenues to patenting the technologies.

We consider patents, along with brands, to be one of our most valuable assets.  Our patenting process ensures that new technologies have been thoroughly studied, allowing us to offer high-quality products. For us, patents are a key indicator that reflects the effort and seriousness with which we work with clients.

Part of our strategic plan is to protection our inventions so that we may package and export them. Patents support the work we do in our laboratories, and protect us from possible copies. Patents ensure that the products and services offered have been developed thoroughly.

Some of Aplik’s developments have resulted in patent applications. Aplik currently has the following patent applications:

    • Method to quantitatively evaluate the wear of a conveyor belt and detect holes and cracks on its surface. Application Number: CL 1254-2009 ®, INAPI, Chile.
    • Automated Visual Inspection Process, Classification and Quality Management of Cathodes. Application Number: CL 0166-2003 ®, INAPI, Chile.
    • Method of marking cathodes to register on the cathode surface relevant information about itself, preferably a code that identifies it. Application Number: CL 0144-2008 ®, INAPI, Chile.
    • Method for evaluation and control of operating parameters of electrolytic cells and permanent cathodes of an electrowinning process. Application Number: CL 0145-2008 ®, INAPI, Chile.
    • Method to detect and prevent the formation of copper joints between the plates deposited on the faces of a permanent cathode in an electrowinning process.Application Number: CL 0844-2008 ®, INAPI, Chile.
    • Method and device for quantitatively determining the surface optical characteristics of a reference object composed by a plurality of optically distinguishable layers. Application Number: CL 3661-2008 ®, INAPI, Chile; US20100141931 ®, USA.